Introduction - Interactivity tutorial

This site shows electric and
electronic circuits behavior
thanks to "videomodels"
(video: I see, but what I see
is only a model).

A circuit is formed of components connected together through conductors. Its behavior at any time complies :

  • Kirchhoff laws
  • laws of each component.

This behavior is therefore described using equations. The videomodels express the equations results using a 3D representation where :

  • the scheme occupies the first two dimensions
  • the third dimension represents the electric potential
  • the current, where represented, appears as a yellow cone surrouding the conductor.

Each image of a videomodel shows the circuit at a given time.

The purpose of this page is not to explain a circuit, but to describe the use of a typical page.
To begin, see the bubble in the image below.

  What is : 

What do you want to do ?

  • Discover basic components :
    Click the corresponding icon above the videomodel

  • Access to challenges concerning resistors in parallel or in series :
    Click the icon V_Rp below (on the html page that opens, section See also offers other challenges).

  • See power on of an amplifier with bipolar transistor in common emitter :
    Click the corresponding icon below (not available for 1BA).

  • See running amplifier at different frequencies :
    Click the corresponding icon below (not available for 1BA).

See also :